TLC & Non TLC vehicles starting at ONLY $250 per week with insurance, maintenance and road side assistance.

Go to and fill out a short and simple form to reserve your car. NO MONEY DOWN.

Mercedes Metris, Camry (new models), Avalon, Sentra, Elantra, Sienna, WAV, and more available. We have locations in Bronx and in Long Island City. Just contact 205-216-5117 for more info.


Violations that automatically disqualify you:

•Must be at least 21 years old

•Speeding tickets in excess of 21 MPH over the posted limit

•DUI’s or DWI’s

•More than 10 points on your Driver’s License

•Accident with a school bus

•Hitting a pedestrian within last 3 years

•Hitting a bicyclist within last 3 years

•Fleeing the scene of an accident (Hit and Run)