Jorge Fuentes

DO NOT rent your car to Jorge Fuentes. He did not pay his weekly rent. I had to go repo the car. I was unable to get back my car key. He caused over $1200.00 in damages to the passenger left side door. I had to have the car completely detailed. He literally had fingernails…

Zuhury Hussain

This person on the pics is a big-time felony. He is a thief and a crook. He has been convicted in many felonies and specialized on stealing car parts. He rents TLC cars but never pays rent, drive car without ezpass, parks car illegally and all tickets and tolls burden goes to the owner of…

Joelle Pichardo

Driver did not pay his remaining balance of his rent. He did not give us 2 weeks noticed as requested in his contract. He returned the car with a cigaret burn in the back seat.

Eduard Yevdayev

Returned damaged car, owes rent, a lot of unpaid tickets. Drives with no e-z pass. Don’t rent any car to him – STAY AWAY

Steve Abreu

This driver doesn’t like to pay his car rent and tickets.He owes rent and unpaid ticket. The car has been repossessed from him..

Kareem Tillman

This was the worst driver I have ever had. He refused to return my car and I had to file a police report. He did not pay his rent. When I recovered my car it was extremely dirty and covered in dog hair. There was dog food everywhere. He had outstanding DMV and E-Zpass violations….

Rumin Kaysar

Driver would not answer any of my phone calls or text messages for several days after his rent was due. I had to go repo the car and take it from him. He still owes me rent money. He had outstanding DMV and E-Zpass violations. Do not rent to this driver save yourself the headache.

Shafayet Siddique

Driver is a liar and never once paid his rent on time. I had to call and harass him every week for his rent. It was extremely time consuming and stressful dealing with this guy. I finally had enough of his lies and threaten to report the car stolen if he didn’t return my car….

Anthony Arroyo

Do not rent to Anthony Arroyo!!!! After I took his car back he continue to use his Uber Gas card that was linked to my Uber Fleet account. He ranked up hundreds of dollars on his gas card. Uber took the money from my account. Uber eventually reimbursed me but it took a few months….

Muse Waaeys

Driver was suppose to give me 2 weeks notice before returning the car. He gave me no notice and returned the car. When I got the car back the front end was damaged. I had to pay $800.00 to fix my car. Driver never paid for any of the damages. He stopped answering my calls…