Under no circumstances should anyone rent a vehicle to Ismael. Hes a crook and a liar.
He rented my car and lied to me about him not renting it to someone else and renting it for a double shift. he let someone else drive the car that wasn’t on the insurance, tampered with the gps and kill off switch that was in the car so i wouldn’t be able to turn off the car, he erased the memory on the cars computer so that MY OWN spare key wouldn’t work on the car if i repoed it, racked up ezpass tickets that he promised to pay for. when ever it was time for maintenance work he said he will just do it himself and he NEVER brought the car to me to inspect.

finally when i had enough of it i decided to follow the car and confront him. when i followed the car i found someone else who i didn’t authorize to drive the car driving the car. When i confronted him he just ran away. no wonder he didnt want to bring the car to me for maintenance work, car was damaged all over and smelled like weed.

Hes crook, liar thief and his wife got involved to and she wasn’t any better.
she told me that ismael had surgery or something and he wasn’t driving the car and wouldn’t be able to pay full rent….meanwhile i was watching the car move on the GPS

when i found the car and kicked the driver out of my car Ismael didnt even have the balls to call and apologize like a man