This person on the pics is a big-time felony. He is a thief and a crook. He has been convicted in many felonies and specialized on stealing car parts.
He rents TLC cars but never pays rent, drive car without ezpass, parks car illegally and all tickets and tolls burden goes to the owner of the car.
He rented my car and has $450 tolls in a week, never pays the rent and occurred many damages. He swears that he will pay the rent on time, But he is a great lair. He is a jail bird and doing this fraud to many people. This thief lives in Bellrose Queens and calls himself as a construction manager but he is a pimp, drives at night to take girls to his clients. keep this photo and stay away with him.
Car renter please be careful with this crook named Zuhury Hussain of Bellrose queens.