This company is a Woman and Native American owned and operated business. The owner is a registered band member with the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.

The TLC Rental Marketplace Team

Natanyah Menna, Founder

For more than 10 years, I have been a pivotal player in the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) rental industry. As a fleet owner, I lease my cars weekly to licensed TLC drivers for all their rideshare needs.

I built my family-owned and operated fleet-based company upon personal experiences. As the oldest of five children, I saw my mother, a single parent, making a good living in the transportation industry. Driving everything from limos and town cars, to taxis, she thrived in the fast-paced New York City hustle. When Uber hit the city, she jumped on board and eventually started her own private company. As I observed Uber’s rapid growth that began reshaping the industry, it piqued my interest. At the time, I was ready to re-enter the workforce, having raised my daughter for several years, and I was actively seeking a new business opportunity. Then, I learned that another relative of mine was driving a car she rented from one of the largest TLC rental fleets in the city. That’s when I realized I wanted to become a vital part of this growing enterprise! I began building my own fleet, learning a great deal in the process, which has led to the highly successful operation TLC Rental Marketplace is now.

I launched the TLC Rental Marketplace because, as a fleet owner, I had been encountering roadblocks that hindered our company’s growth. I knew that advertising our available TLC vehicles on a well-managed platform would boost business. I soon learned that several other fleet owners agreed this was a worthwhile venture.

My instincts told me that for the TLC Rental Marketplace to be successful, I must seriously consider the drivers’ needs. New York City TLC drivers are the hardest-working around. Ours is the only city in the world that requires rideshare drivers to have a TLC license and TLC insurance. Rideshare drivers experience several obstacles unlike anywhere else. They work long hours and get hit with DMV fees and TLC violations. Because of these exorbitant costs, most city drivers rent vehicles weekly. However, as a fleet owner, I have had an advantage. I am able to keep my weekly costs down by renting out only Hybrid cars.

Although it’s not always been a smooth ride in this tough industry where even one mistake can be costly, I have been blessed with some terrific people who have taught me a great deal. I have built and maintained solid relationships – an invaluable commodity in the industry – with my TLC insurance brokers and auto body shops. Today, I am proud to say that many of my drivers, who have been with me for years, have become my friends.

As we continue to work diligently to make the TLC Rental Marketplace a successful arena for drivers and fleet owners to directly connect and achieve success, we welcome your feedback! How may we at Marketplace better serve you?  Please send us an email!

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All the best!

Natanyah Menna

Daniyah Hadad, Client Relations Manager

Daniyah oversees our TLC Rental Marketplace team, assisting and interacting with drivers, clients, and partners. She has been recognized in the industry as a passionate leader driven by a motivation to help others achieve their goals.  Daniyah has extensive experience in customer/client relations, and possesses a shining skills set that includes computer technology, marketing, communications, advertising, and administrative know-how.  In addition to Daniyah’s professional expertise and energetic, likeable manner, her hands-on approach and keen troubleshooting abilities make her a stellar TLC Rental Marketplace team player.

Michael Winston, Consultant 

Michael Winston is an expert in the TLC industry.  He grew up in Brooklyn and attended Quinnipiac Law School. He was admitted to the New York Bar Association in 1996.  He has successfully launched, operated, and sold his own fleet of luxury vehicles. An expert at navigating the many complex issues that can arise in this profession, Michael has negotiated countless successful business transactions for both buyers and sellers.

As partners in the industry, Michael and Natanyah are known as among the best in the business, due to their expertise and high client-success rate. They continue to work closely with their clients, ensuring that they are well protected and achieve positive outcomes in their ventures.

Reza Ebrahimi, Attorney

Reza Ebrahimi has extensive experience in representing clients of all types in the TLC industry. He has successfully assisted numerous clients in shifting company ownership, with a smooth transfer of TLC plates, TLC licenses, and TLC vehicles. Utilizing his vast knowledge and understanding of the industry, Reza helps clients safely navigate the lengthy process of paperwork, official documents, due diligence, and approvals necessary for purchases and sales. Reza also gladly provides guidance and assistance on many other TLC-related issues, such as required insurance coverage, deposits and premiums, EZ-Passes, resolution of liens/judgments, and general business/transaction advice.