NEW YORK, NY — Ride-sharing has exploded in New York City. The streets are teeming with drivers working for services such as Uber and Lyft just waiting for New Yorkers to cry out, “I can’t bear taking the subway right now.”

Patch recently tested four car services — Uber, Lyft, Via and the good ol’ yellow cab — in a head-to-head race from the Upper East Side to the World Trade Center. But now we’re pitting four ride-sharing services against each other.

This time the format is a bit different. Instead of a four-way head-to-head matchup, Patch is going to test services against each other in a bracket-style tournament. The rules of the ride will be the same — passengers will order their respective rides at Third Avenue and East 86th Street at the same time heading to the same place. Whoever’s car gets to the World Trade Center the fastest will be declared the winner.

The contestants: Uber Pool, Lyft Line, Via and Curb.

In Patch’s first matchup Uber Pool faced off against Via. Patch reporter Noah Manskar took these rides starting around 10 a.m. on two Thursday mornings one week apart.