Sometimes you know right away when your Uber driver is awesome. Or maybe they quickly reveal themselves to be rather creepy. For those times, Uber will let you rate your driver and leave comments in the middle of a trip. Wait to rate no more.

Uber is framing the change as a burning desire to hear your feedback. “You’ve got places to go and things to do, and we never want to miss an opportunity to listen and improve,” the company says in a blog post.

Seems likely Uber is also trying to increase its rate of riders who rate. Or grow the number of riders who rate their drivers and leave comments. More chances to rate, more riders rating. And more drivers subject to ratings-related anxiety.

Users currently are asked to rate their drivers between one and five stars, as well as to choose from a group of pre-selected comments (“good conversation,” “excellent service”), at the end of their trip.

Driver ratings are calculated based on the average rating of their last 500 rides (or total rides if they’re at less than 500). Consistent low ratings are flagged at Uber HQ, and drivers whose rating fall below 4.6 risk deactivation. To get reactivated, Uber encourage drivers to take costly improvement courses.

It doesn’t appear that Uber is affording the same mid-trip privileges to its drivers. Last year, Uber updated its app to prompt drivers to give extra feedback to unruly riders. Drivers can choose from a preselected list of reasons to explain why they rated a passenger as less than five stars. But mid-trip rating won’t be available because it could distract them from the important task of driving, an Uber spokesperson said. Moreover, the passenger could catch a glimpse of a bad rating on the driver’s phone, and awkwardness would ensue.