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Pros & Cons of the Buddy System

If you started out as a rideshare driver, you might know that having a friend or family member onboard when picking up passengers will get you into hot water with apps like Uber or Lyft. One of the reasons cited is that all rideshare contractors must have background checks, but there are others, like having…

IMPORTANT: Details On Our New Website!

Welcome to the new TLCRentalMarketplace.com! TLCRentalMarketplace.com is now a paid membership website. Drivers can browse and use the site at no cost, forever! However, fleet owners wishing to list their cars will need to join as paid members. At no cost to you until November 15, fleet owners may post vehicle listings for thousands to…

Fleet Owners in New York City need a Trade...

The Black Car industry in New York City (“NYC”) has a trade association named the Black Car Assistance Corp (“BCAC”). The Livery industry in NYC has a trade association named the Livery Round Table (“LRT”). Taxi drivers in NYC have a trade association named the Taxi Workers Alliance (“TWA”) and the Luxury Limousine sector has…

Stay Strong- We Will Survive

It is times like we are facing today that no one could have ever dreamed of (or had a nightmare about). The City of New York on essential lockdown. The streets and subways are empty, the public locked in their homes and businesses closing down and laying people off. This hat not only hit us…

FHV Insurance- FHV Driver Must Ask About...

It is that time of the year when For-Hire Vehicle (“FHV”) drivers in NYC are scrambling to renew their FHV auto insurance policies. In the rush to renew, some drivers don’t look to see or even ask of their broker is charging them a fee for their services. I don’t mean the commissions paid by the…

Stable Insurance- FHV Insurance Right At Your...

Let’s face it.  Insurance renewal time for NYC For-Hire Vehicle (“FHV”) drivers is a long, frustrating and often painful process. Why is this the case? Historically, FHV drivers have to make multiple trips to their insurance broker’s office, fill out long applications, send emails to follow up, provide driver’s abstract, etc. All of this time…

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Welcome to our new website! Click the button below to learn how to access your dashboard and use the site.

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