2019 Long-Range Tesla Model 3 fully electric.  Black-on-black.  AWD.  Heated leather seats.

CDL Preferred.  MUST have 100% clean driving record.  


At least 3 years TLC license

100% CLEAN driving record

Rentals: $350 deposit required.  $700 due at pickup. Minimum 1 month rental.  Two weeks cancellation notice.

Rent-to-own: $6,000 down

5 yrs = $1,680/mo

3 yrs = $2,269/mo

Price includes vehicle, tax, TLC plates + insurance & data plan during the term

PREFERRED: CDL license – ANY class. Hazmat endorsement +

TO APPLY, text front/back, NYDL, TLC lic, driver abstract, and proof of address to (315) 830-8644 or email: wilsonmckenzietrans@gmail.com

NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.  We will only respond to QUALIFIED applicants.

Answers to Frequently asked questions:

It takes approximately 40-45 min to charge from low to 80% on a Level 3 supercharger.  1hr 15min to get to 100%

It takes 8-10 hrs to charge on a 110amp outlet (regular household/garage outlet).  Less if you have a 210.

There are charging stations all over the city.  JFK airport has a Level 3 station without having to pay for parking.  Other garages have paid parking for access to the chargers.  Atlantic Terminal mall is one.  $3/1hr to park same at Queens Plaza Mall and Bay Plaza in the Bronx.

You cannot use an extension cord to charge.  The cord must be plugged directly into the wall.

1 full charge gives approximately 295 miles of range.  With average driving you can charge every two days for approximately $23-$25 at a Level 3 DC charger.  About the same as a full tank of gas for $40.

With heavy driving you will charge once/day (an average Sat/Sun before COVID)

It’s possible to average $300 on one full charge pre-pandemic.  A day and a half driving pays for the car + charging.  The rest of the week is your profit to keep.

Netflix, Hulu, & YouTube installed.  As well as chess, Asteroids, Backgammon, and other games.  Great if you have downtime between trips!