Let’s face it.  Insurance renewal time for NYC For-Hire Vehicle (“FHV”) drivers is a long, frustrating and often painful process. Why is this the case? Historically, FHV drivers have to make multiple trips to their insurance broker’s office, fill out long applications, send emails to follow up, provide driver’s abstract, etc. All of this time is a loss of money to the FHV driver. It is never good to lose money, but these days, drivers are working hard just to make ends meet. They simply do not have the time to waste in renewing their insurance. The broker is supposed to work for the FHV driver, but to some, it seems like the broker just takes submits paperwork and takes a check. Nothing else. It is such a shame that the bar has become so low. This is where Stable Insurance comes in. https://www.stableins.com

We live in a digital world, yet most insurance brokers operate an analogue business. Most people these days make most of their purchases online. Everything from Amazon to food shopping. So why does it take days to obtain insurance in the FHV industry when it should only take minutes.  One thing is clear – people want self-service in the insurance industry.

Insurance is one of the most confusing and complex industries out there.  This led to the development of the agent-centric sales model commonly used by the FHV industry. In theory, the insurance broker is the FHV driver’s insurance expert. They are supposed to be there to explain things to you and answer your questions. This is not often the case.

Stable Insurance is a new digital broker that combines the best of both worlds. With Stable, you can go online, obtain a quote and bind a FHV policy in a matter of minutes. All you need is your TLC hack number, your vehicle VIN number and to answer a few simple questions. Go to https://app.stableins.com and see how easy it is to obtain a quote and to get your vehicle insured in minutes without leaving the comfort of your own home.

At the same time, if you have questions or issues, you can meet with or speak to a Stable representative any time you want. Stable spent years researching the FHV insurance market, speaking to thousands of drivers and understanding their frustrations in the current insurance broker model. Stable set out to revolutionize the industry by getting to understand the needs of FHV drivers and providing them with what they want. A user experience is the way in which a customer interacts with a business – from customer service to the products themselves. There are some things that the user wants and Stable is here to provide them, including.

  • Ease–nobody enjoys spending their time filling out insurance applications. With Stable, the FHV driver has easy access to an online quoting engine that gets you in and out as quickly as possible. There are no lengthy forms or confusing questions.
  • Choice–FHV drivers should feel in control of their purchasing and decision-making process and be presented with the right options to feel that they are getting good coverage at an acceptable price.
  • Advice– Though they want self-service, insurance can be confusing. FHV drivers may need some level of guidance and reassurance during the purchase process for something as complex and important as insurance. Stable is ready, willing and able to provide it.
  • Transparency– When purchasing vehicle insurance, FHV drivers have to make an important financial Providing transparency as to how the cost of your insurance is calculated eliminates doubts in the minds of the FHV drive. Drivers want assurance that they are making a good decision. The goal of Stable is to make them feel like they are paying an acceptable price for good coverage.

Delivering on today’s customer expectations requires a fully integrated digital insurance brokerage with capabilities, deep technological competency, and customer focus. That is to say, these days a great broker needs to be both customer-focused and also a great tech company.

Stable designed an online quoting engine that provides a seamless user experience built to support the way FHV drivers want to provide and receive information, as well as purchase insurance. Every step was thought through with the needs of the FHV driver in mind. A positive user experience leads to happy customers who want to come back because of the expertise and ease of use. Stable built a low-friction funnel by focusing on informing and educating potential customers. Stable is not just an insurance broker but is a tech company that built a platform upon which the FHV driver can form a relationship between client and company. Of course, there is positivity behind the product. Knowing that there is someone to meet with and speak to helps to bridge the gap between the physical and digital. The creation of a stylish, user-oriented digital product that delivers on its promises while offering the client effective communication and support from the humans who exist beyond the internet is something that FHV drivers have wanted and have needed for many years.

Finally, there is a company that is here to deliver value to FHV drivers who need insurance. Go to the Stable Insurance website and see how quick and easy it is to get an insurance quote and if so desired, to bind a FHV policy without ever driving to the broker’s office and without having to pick up the telephone. The quote is free. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose and a potential new trusted partner to gain.  https://app.stableins.com